Dreams do come true! I can personally attest to that.

Dennis grew up in a neighborhood around one of the greatest ballparks in our country and was fortunate enough to live the dream of many young people with his hometown heroes. He was fortunate to be one of the young people who lived the special dream of being a “Tiger Batboy.” There is a lot of hard work, long hours and great responsibility that goes along with the title and territory but Dennis handled it with the dignity and reverence it deserves.

In his book, Dennis not only shares insights as to what he was privileged to be a part of but he does it with a sincerity that reflects his true love and appreciation for the game and the people he met along the way. You will find his work both entertaining and enlightening shared by only someone who has lived the dream.

Bill Haase - Former Executive Vice President and COO, Detroit Tigers
Former Senior Vice President, National Baseball Hall of Fame
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